Phoenix Ranger Ultra

Sees Everything in Its Path

The Ranger ULTRA is an airborne laser scanner with an impressive combination of weight, range, accuracy and pulse rate. It is equipped with a unique forward and rear looking FOV designed to minimize laser shadowing and provide geometry on complex vertical structures on a single pass. With its wide field of view of 100 degrees and an extremely fast pulse repetition rate of up to 1.8 MHz, the Ranger ULTRA is perfectly suited for high point density corridor mapping applications such as power line, railway track and pipeline inspection.

Phoenix offers several Ranger ULTRA camera accessories as well as UAV and manned aircraft attachment options. Please visit our booth or website to learn more about this amazing new addition to the Ranger series

Mounting Options


The New Phoenix LiDAR Systems AIR NavBox

The NEW RANGER ULTRA includes Phoenix LiDAR System’s AIR NavBox. The newest generation, ultra-lightweight (450) rover will help

meet the rigorous demands of various industries and applications by greatly increasing flexibility in two key areas: reducing weight for longer flight times on unmanned vehicles; and higher range with the highest resolution cameras on the market.

The new Phoenix LiDAR AIR NavBox offers the most industry-altering capabilities in a tiny box not much bigger than a standard-size computer mouse.

58.5 x 123 x 48.1mm

Dimensions (W x D x H)



Custom LiDAR Solutions

Build the system you need to meet the growing demands of your clients in varying industries, from mining to agriculture and construction to forestry.

Primary Applications

Utility Infrastructure

Railway Track Mapping

Agriculture & Forestry

Open Pit Mining

General Mapping

Navigation System

Integrated AIR NavBox

Constellation Support: GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO

Support alignment: Kinematic, Dual-Antenna

Operation Modes: Real-time, Post-processing optional

Accuracy Position: 1cm + 1ppm RMS horizontal

PP Attitude Heading RMS Error: 0.010° / 0.019°

Platform Specs

Overall Dimensions (with AIR NavBox) 352 x 164 x 185 mm

Operating Voltage: 12-28 V DC

Power Consumption: 75 W

Weight: 3.5 kg / 7 lbs

Operating Temperature: 0˚ – 40˚ C

Phoenix Software Suite

Included with all Phoenix LiDAR Systems packages

Phoenix LiDAR Systems provides a proprietary complete software suite for streamlined acquisition, geo-referencing, data fusion, export and post-processing in the cloud.


Unveiling the Power and Performance Details

  • Laser Properties: Class 1 (eye safe) 1550 nm
  • Accuracy 10 mm
  • Precision 5 mm
  • Minimum Range 5 m
  • Pulse Rate 1800 kHz
  • scan angles (-15˚ / 0˚ / +15˚ at edge of swath) -10˚ / 0˚ / +10˚
  • Field of View 100°
  • Lines per Second 50-400
  • Angle Measurement Resolution 0.001°
  • Laser Beam Footprint @ 100/500/1000m 40mm @ 100m, 200mm @ 500m, 400mm @ 1000m
  • Angular Step Width (between consecutive laser shots) 0.0033° ≤ ∆ϑ ≤ 0.032°

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