Carrier H6 HL

Defying Limits: Unmatched Heavy-Lift Capability

Harris Aerial proudly presents our flagship heavy-lift UAV Carrier H6 HL (heavy-lift). We began development on the Carrier H6 HL in response to the demand for a heavy-lift multirotor UAV capable of carrying payloads not offered by typical commercial drones.

With payload and flight readiness in mind, the H6 HL framework and other utilized hardware have been thoughtfully designed with over 4 years of development. With over 300 lbs of available thrust the H6 HL is able to tackle the most demanding payloads. The Carrier H6 HL is manufactured in the USA with the tightest tolerances to ensure the ultimate satisfaction for our customers.


Innovative Mastery

Compact for Transport

The H6 HL features the Harris Aerial patented foldable heavy-lift airframe design. Foldable arms and landing gear allow the aircraft to fold down to just 40% of its flight ready size.

Versatile Battery Configurations

The ability to use up to 8x 30,000 MAH batteries and still handle a 60 lb payload puts the H6 HL in a class of its own.  Alternatively, the aircraft can use just 4 batteries and carry a payload up to 40kg!

Innovative Design

We’ve raised the bar with an innovative slide rail and cam battery tray system that reduces time-to-launch without sacrificing security.

Payload and Flight Times

With payloads up to 40 kg, the H6 HL offers uncompromising utility while maintaining usable flight times.


Beyond Boundaries: Limitless Uses


Unveiling Excellence:
Unmatched Capabilities

With a 10.4 foot wingspan, Carrier H6 HL is in heavy-lifting weight class of its own, trusted by professionals around the world for reliable and stable flight.

  • Max Payload 40 kg
  • Diagonal Wheelbase 2151 mm
  • Folded Diagonal Wheelbase 1100 mm
  • Propeller Size 40"
  • All-Up Weight (incl. batteries) 55 kg
  • Max Take-Off Weight 95 kg
  • Speed 28 m/s
  • Flight Time 45 minutes
  • Voltage 48 V

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