Carrier HX8

Elevating Expectations:
The Cutting-Edge Carrier

Harris Aerial proudly presents our flagship coaxial octocopter drone, the Carrier Hx8.  Harris Aerial began development on the Carrier Hx8 coaxial UAV in response to industrial, scientific, and military demand for an extremely foldable and safe unmanned drone capable of carrying heavy payloads not offered by typical commercial drones.

With motor redundancy and foldability in mind, the Hx8 framework and other utilized hardware have been thoughtfully designed with almost a decade of development. The Carrier Hx8 is manufactured in the USA with the tightest tolerances to ensure the ultimate satisfaction for our customers.


Innovative Robust, Customizable

Quick-Release Battery Racks

Our battery racks are equipped with two 16,000mAh-22,000mAh lithium polymer batteries at a time.  Our battery quick release system is simple to use and extremely efficient. (Patent Pending)


  • Securely fastens the batteries in the drone using patent-pending quick-release plunger system.
  • Swap out 2x 16,000 12S1P LiPo batteries in just seconds.
  • Re-charge battery racks in just 1.5 hours.

How it works

  • Line the battery rack up with the dovetail rails inside the center of the airframe and drop in place.
  • Twist and lock plungers on either side of the rack to secure into airframe.

Collapsible Booms

The Carrier Hx8’s patent-pending foldable design crowns the Hx8 as the most foldable heavy-lift drone on the market. The Carrier’s booms can be secured in their ready position in just seconds with our foldable boom hinge mechanism.


  • The Hx8 folds down to 40 percent of its flight-ready size, with propellers attached.
  • Robust aircraft grade aluminum and carbon fiber design.

How it works

Fold booms into flight ready position until quick-release pin automatically catches and locks the boom securely in place- it’s that simple!

Foldable Landing Gear

With durable CNC foldable hinge joints, our landing gear system allows the user to fold the landing skids inward for easy and fast transport. (Patent Pending)


  • With up to 21” wide of mounting space, the Hx8 is capable of carrying massive payloads
  • Composed of Carbon Fiber and Lightweight Onyx Material (tough nylon with micro-carbon reinforcement)
  • In-house CNC and 3D printing available for custom attachments available upon request.

How it works

  • Easily detach the payload with our circular quick release or other custom quick release.*
  • Push in quick release button side of landing gear.
  • Fold down the landing gear.


Elevating Operations: Unleashing the Carrier Hx8's Versatility


Beyond the Blueprint: Explore the Unrivaled Engineering

With a 68-71” wingspan depending on propeller size & platform series chosen, the geometry of the Carrier Hx8 is incredibly stable at very high speeds


  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 55 lb | 25 kg
  • Empty Weight: 21. 5lb | 9.8 kg
  • Max Payload: 17.6 lb | 8 kg
  • Max Flight Time: 48min (No payload)
  • Max Speed: 33.6 mph | 14m/s
  • Peak Battery Voltage: 50.4 V
  • Dimensions (Unfolded): Prop Tip to Tip: 2425mm / 95.5"
    Height (Customizable): 6645mm / 25.4"
  • Flight Modes: GPS LOITER
  • Radio Frequencies: 2.4GHz | 902-928 MHz
  • System Architecture: Open Source
  • Weather Rating: Light Rain
  • Flight Safety Systems: Radio Connectivity Monitoring
    Battery Voltage & Amperage Monitoring
  • Dimensions Transport Case: Length: 912mm / 36"
    Width: 912 / 36"
    Height: 492mm / 19.4"

Operation & Environmental

  • Operation Temp: -20°C to 49°C | -4°F to 120°F
  • Max Operational Wind Speed: 25 mph | 11 m/s
  • Service Ceiling AMSL: 12,000 ft | 3658 m (Payload Dependant)
  • Service Ceiling AGL DUAL RT400 ft | 122m (FAA Limited)

Motors & Propellers

  • Motors: 8
  • Equivalent KV: KV100 Motors
  • Optimal RPM 2200 - 2800 RPM
  • Motor Configuration: X8 OCTA QUAD
  • Propeller Material: Carbon Fiber With Aluminum Hub
  • Propeller Dimensions: 29.2 in x 9.2 in

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