H6 Electric

Carrier H6 Electric

Revolutionizing Aerial Power

The Carrier H6 Electric is a long-duration, heavy-lift hexacopter powered by smart lithium polymer batteries. The H6 Electric platform offers payload versatility for a wide variety of mission profiles and durations. The H6 platform comes ready to plug-and-play to any of the three compatible power formats provided by Harris Aerial in just minutes.

The H6 electric is equipped with Harris Aerial’s patent-pending battery rack system containing two smart 12S1P 16,000 mAh Lithium Polymer batteries providing flight times up to 48 minutes. 


Adaptable, Powerful, Versatile

Easy Mission Planning

Intuitive GCS Telemetry

Transform Your Aerial Operations

Upgrade to the H6 Electric Carrier for unmatched flight endurance and efficiency. Experience electric-powered performance with extended flight times and superior payload capacity. 


Explore the Diverse Possibilities


Performance Meets Versatility

The Carrier H6 Electric (H6E) is among the most efficient battery-powered multirotor on the market with a maximum flight time of 48 minutes.

Carrier H6 Electric (H6E)

  • Max Payload: 17.6 lbs | 8kg
  • Diagonal Wheelbase 1625 mm
  • Folded Diagonal Wheelbase 658 mm
  • Propeller Size 29"
  • Empty Weight 21.5 lbs | 9.8 kg
  • Max Take-Off Weight 55 lbs | 25 kg
  • Speed 15 m/s
  • Max Flight Time 48 minutes
  • Voltage 48 V

Powerplant and Batteries

  • Battery Type 1251P Smart Lipo (2x Batteries)
  • Peak Battery Voltage 50.4 V
  • Nominal Battery Voltage 44.4 V
  • Auxiliary Power 5.3 V, 12 V, 24 V, 48 V Power Ports
  • Battery Capacity 16.000 mAh
  • Battery Life Cycle 250 Flights
  • Battery Connector AS150U-F (Anti-Spark)
  • Safety Features Battery Voltage & Amperage Monitoring

Operation and Environmental

  • Operation Temp -20C to 49C | -4F to 120F
  • Max Operational Wind Speed 25 mph | 11 m/s
  • Service Ceiling AMSL 12,000 ft | 3628 m (Payload Dependant)
  • Service Ceiling AGL 400 ft | 122 m (FAA Limited)

Motors and Propellers

  • # Motors 6
  • Equivalent KV KV100 Motors
  • Optimal RPM 2200 - 2800 RPM
  • Motor Configuration HEXA X
  • Propeller Material Carbon Fiber with Aluminum Hub
  • Propeller Dimensions 29.2 in x 9.2 in

Flight Controller

  • Flight Controller Cube Orange
  • Data Transmission Range 12.5 mi | 20 km (Ideal Conditions)
  • Firmware Custom ArduPilot
  • Takeoff and Landing Autonomous or Manual Control
  • Flight Tracking ADS-B (Receiver)
  • Safety Features - Triple Redundant IMU
    -Redundant Power Supply

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