Carrier HX8 Tether

Elevating Expectations:
Virtually Limitless Flight Duration Capabilities

Harris Aerial proudly presents our flagship coaxial octocopter drone, the Carrier Hx8. This modified iteration of the Hx8 combines the capabilities of the LEAP Solo II’s continuous power and secure gigabyte speed data connectivity to a heavy lift unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

This high-power automated system is housed in two rugged, highly portable cases, which makes it ideal for two-person carry deployment in urban neighborhoods and the rugged terrain of the back country.

With motor redundancy and foldability in mind, the Hx8 capabilities when coupled with the LEAP Solo II are virtually limitless.  The HX8 Tether allows operators to fly longer and more reliably with heavier payloads.


Exponentially Improve Flight Duration & Capabilities

USaS Long Endurance Aerial Platform (LEAP)

The USaS Long Endurance Aerial Platform (“LEAP”) Solo II provides first responders, communications providers, military and public safety organizations a highly mobile UAV tether solution that enables them to engage in operations which require persistent, heavy lift aerial services.


  • 20+ Gbps air to ground data connection via secure hybrid tether
  • 24-hour continuous on station air support
  • Provides mobile overwatch protection up to 400’ AGL
  • 21lb. payload capacity for one or more ISR and/or comms payloads
  • “Fly by Tether” capability in RF Denied Environments
  • Proven operational success in harsh environments

How it works

  • The LEAP Solo II consists of the following: UAV Converter, Hybrid Tether, Ground Power Station, Tether Module, and Ground Control Station.
  • USaS’s custom software makes the LEAP Solo easy to fly and very safe.


One of the most crucial components of the tether package, the Electronic Bay contains a 19in shock mount rack. This bay houses the Solo II computer and networking hub providing direct fiber and ethernet connections between the HX8, its payloads and the ground. This bay can also be configured with backhaul connectivity and GPS anti spoofing technology. 


  • 8U, 10U, 12U shock mount rack options
  • 48V accessory power for client equipment racks
  • 1 or 2 dedicated fiber connections for client’s payload and backhaul connections.
  • 3 gigabit ethernet ports with option for PoE
  • 120VAC and USB power
  • Secure Wi-Fi
  • Telemetry data displayed on weatherproof screen and sent to remote devices
  • Built in router manages all drone and payload data
  • Connects payload(s) to satellite, fiber, microwave, etc. backhaul

How it works

The Electronics Bay connects directly to the LEAP Tether Module, which then links to the drone, providing it with a continuous power supply, high-speed data routing, and backhaul connectivity. This setup allows the drone to achieve virtually unlimited flight times by drawing power from a ground-based source and high-speed data connectivity from payload to backhaul.

The Complete Tether Package

  • Carrier HX8 drone
  • Power Convertor On Aircraft
  • Hybrid Tether
  • Ground Power Station
  • Tether Module
  • Electronics Bay


Elevating Operations: Unleashing the Carrier Hx8's Versatility

Technical Specifications


The Most Powerful, Proven UAS Tether System

General Specifications

  • Power Available For UAS & Payloads 2.5Kw / 5Kw / 6.2Kw
  • Operating Voltage 27Vdc / 52Vdc
  • Payload Power 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc
  • Input Power 120Vac / 240Vac (recommended)
  • Accessory Power 120Vac / 5Vdc (USB)
  • Ground Based Equipment Accessory Power 48Vdc (400w) Optional
  • Secure Air to Ground Data Throughput 2 Fibers (20Gps) / 3 Fibers (30Gps)
  • Secure Flight Operations Fly By Tether
  • System Telemetry 7" Sunlight Visible Display
  • Payload Data Ports 2 Ethernet, 1 PoE
  • Payload Interoperability Integrated Data Hub

Operation & Environmental

  • Operational Environment -20F to 120F, Light Rain & Sand
  • Tether Length 450Ft (Standard)
  • Electronics Bay Case 8U Shock Mount Rack (120lbs)
  • Tether Module Case 28" x 28" x 27" (120lbs)
  • Tether Control Auto Tensioner, Vehicle Mountable
  • UAC Agnostic Design Single Rotor, Multi Rotor, Terrestrial


Beyond the Blueprint: Explore the Unrivaled Engineering

With a 68-71” wingspan depending on propeller size & platform series chosen, the geometry of the Carrier Hx8 is incredibly stable at very high speeds


  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 55 lb | 25 kg
  • Empty Weight: 21. 5lb | 9.8 kg
  • Max Payload: 17.6 lb | 8 kg
  • Max Flight Time: 12 hours
  • Max Speed: 33.6 mph | 14m/s
  • Peak Battery Voltage: 50.4 V
  • Dimensions (Unfolded): Prop Tip to Tip: 2425mm / 95.5"
    Height (Customizable): 6645mm / 25.4"
  • Flight Modes: GPS LOITER
  • Radio Frequencies: 2.4GHz | 902-928 MHz
  • System Architecture: Open Source
  • Weather Rating: Light Rain
  • Flight Safety Systems: Radio Connectivity Monitoring
    Battery Voltage & Amperage Monitoring
  • Dimensions Transport Case: Length: 912mm / 36"
    Width: 912 / 36"
    Height: 492mm / 19.4"

Operation & Environmental

  • Operation Temp: -20°C to 49°C | -4°F to 120°F
  • Max Operational Wind Speed: 25 mph | 11 m/s
  • Service Ceiling AMSL: 12,000 ft | 3658 m (Payload Dependant)
  • Service Ceiling AGL DUAL RT400 ft | 122m (FAA Limited)

Motors & Propellers

  • Motors: 8
  • Equivalent KV: KV100 Motors
  • Optimal RPM 2200 - 2800 RPM
  • Motor Configuration: X8 OCTA QUAD
  • Propeller Material: Carbon Fiber With Aluminum Hub
  • Propeller Dimensions: 29.2 in x 9.2 in

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