Our drone technology allows for more efficient and effective operations for a variety of industries. Our drone platforms deliver rapid, on-site results for the following applications:

Utility Inspection

Security & Law Enforcement

Lidar Remote Sensing


Tactical Route Clearance

Development Projects

Wildlife Tracking & Capturing


Disaster Relief

Wildlife Preservation

Medical Delivery

Real Estate

Fire Prevention

Harris Aerial 77mi Drone Flight Showcase

An unheard of feat for a drone this size with unmatched application capabilities.

Harris Aerial ETM Flight

A Drone Flyover showcasing our payload superiority.

Carrier HX8 Delivers 50lbs of Emergency Supplies to First Responders

The Carrier HX8 XXL was used in a demonstration for the Defense Logistics Agency that successfully tested the concept of utilizing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for delivering emergency supplies to first responders after natural disasters.

H6HL Tactical Resupply Mission

Testing autonomous payload delivery with our Carrier H6HL heavy lift drone equipped with our heavy duty payload release mechanism for tactical resupply missions for the U.S. Marines.

H6 Hybrid Drone w/ Q30 EO:IR Camera Gimbal

This is Harris Aerial’s Carrier H6 Hybrid HE+ with our Q30 EO/IR Camer Gimbal.