Atomic Total-Field Magnetometer

Ultra-sensitive airborne integrated magnetometer system powered by QuSpin Gen-2 atomic total-field magnetometer sensors

Typical applications are:

  • Searching for UXO (unexploded ordnance) and landmines in metallic casings
  • Tramp metals and lost GET (ground engagement tools) detection
  • Locating buried infrastructure (metal pipes and shielded cables)
  • Environmental surveys for abandoned wells, pipes, and storage tanks quickly and with precise positioning
  • Geology and minerals prospecting: surveys for regional variations in the magnetic field
  • Archaeology

Unique system design allows to fly with extremely low surface-to-sensor clearance starting from just couple of dozens of centimeters. If the sensor will touch the ground or obstacle/vegetation that will not lead to the drone crash. That capability is extremely important for searching for small UXO items over the fields with vegetation.


Unveiling the Power and Performance Details

  • Weight 570g
  • Dimensions folded 640x180x75 mm
  • Dimensions unfolded 1100x310x75 mm

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