Carrier Hx8 Keeps First Responders Out of Harm’s Way

According to the Federal Railroad Administration, there were almost 11,000 train accidents and incidents last year alone, killing 805 people and injuring almost 4,000.

Harris Aerial’s Carrier Hx8 drone was on NBC’s Today Show this morning showcasing its ability to deliver chemical sensors over flaming train train to help keep firefighters out of harm’s way. Firefighters used to have to personally deploy chemical sensors to determine which homes to evacuate after accidents involving trains carrying hazardous materials. Now sensors can be dropped from the Carrier Hx8, keeping firefighters out of harm’s way and speeding the flow of information.

Our Hx8 was used to deliver a sensor package called an AreaRAE. It monitors 6 gases, gamma radiation, and the atmospheric conditions and sends wireless telemetry back to a laptop. The operator can link the AreaRAE up to 8 smaller gas monitors deployed around a site to get a complete picture of how the gasses are behaving.  See the video clip from today’s segment below!

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